Business Link Volunteer

Location: Liverpool

When: Ad hoc time commitment

Role reports to: Volunteer Coordinator

You will contribute to ending homelessness by

Talking about homelessness to the people that you work with, raising awareness, gathering support for campaigns and changing perceptions of homelessness. We will give you the information and tools to be able to coordinate events in your workplace and encourage your peers to understand more about homelessness issues.  
We all deserve a safe, stable place to live. But we are not protecting this basic human need for 236,000 people in Britain experiencing the worst forms of homelessness. 
As a Business Link Volunteer, you will be helping us to engage more people, gain more supporters, and achieve our mission to end homelessness in Great Britain.  

  • Friendly and confident in talking to a range of people  
  • Be positive, productive and have a passion to help end homelessness
  • Have a clear interest in, and knowledge about, the work that Crisis does
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good time-keeping and reliability
  • Non-judgmental, patient and friendly 
  • Experience volunteering with a national charity
  • The opportunity to share existing or develop new skills in a friendly and supportive environment
  • Opportunities to work with staff and fellow volunteers, and learn about the work of different teams
  • A structured induction to Crisis and issues around homelessness 
  • Raising awareness of homelessness in your organisation, through staff talks and events
  • Creating opportunities to pass on key information to employees in your organisation in different ways
  • Feeding back to Crisis how the engagement is going
  • Building up a knowledge of homelessness services in your local area
  • Reporting any opportunities (partner working, fundraising etc) to your supervisor
  • Keeping up to date with Crisis’ key messages, resources, campaigns, research and news.  

We expect volunteers to comply with Crisis policies including health and safety, data protection and code of conduct at all times.

  • Travel and lunch expenses are reimbursed where appropriate
  • We strive to ensure that our services are welcoming, remain relevant and are fully accessible to everyone that we help and support. We are particularly welcoming of volunteers from diverse and other marginalised communities, as this helps us ensure the best experience for those that we are here to help.  People who have lived experience of homelessness are also particularly welcome to apply.