Speaker Volunteer - South Wales

Location: South Wales

When: Flexible around your commitments

Role reports to: Fundraising Manager

You will contribute to ending homelessness by

Helping us build a network of Crisis supporters by having conversations for change in your community.  

  • You will raise awareness by delivering inspiring talks to community groups such as Scouts, schools, businesses and networking groups. You know your community better than us and will be able to identify key groups and networks to approach who may be interested in finding out about the causes and effects of homelessness.  
  • Working with your Fundraising Manager to support those who want to take action through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning.
  • Helping to train and co-ordinate other volunteers in your local area, sharing your experience and best practice and enabling Crisis to reach even more people.
  • We will involve you in our future as we build plans to talk about homelessness and how we can end it, collecting ideas, feedback, and perspectives in your area.

Ultimately, your passion for ending homelessness, and ability to inspire others will involve and educate your community about the causes, the services that Crisis offers and how people can support us through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning. Actively helping us to engage with more people, gain more supporters and achieve our mission to end homelessness. 

Someone with the passion to inspire and engage others with the cause to end homelessness. You will require the motivation and confidence to source your own opportunities as well as representing Crisis with national partnerships such as Scouts ‘A Million Hands’. 

  • A good communicator, comfortable giving presentations, networking and talking to new people.  
  • Good organisational skills, time keeping and reliability with the ability to plan and organise speaking and engagement activities  
  • Can enthuse and motivate people to play their part in taking action to end homelessness.
  • Confident in and willing to act as the face of Crisis in your local community.
  • Able to adapt information and/or presentations to your audience.
  • The ability to support other local volunteers to galvanise support for the cause.
  • Non-judgmental, patient and friendly
  • An understanding of the importance of adhering to policies and processes. Including confidentiality, data protection principles and maintaining boundaries
  • A commitment to completing any training (including e-learning) required for the role.  

Engaging your community with a cause you are passionate about is rewarding. It is a good way to affect change at a local level and inspire others to consider how they too can take action to end homelessness.  

  • You'll receive lots of opportunities to learn about the causes and effects of homelessness and how to engage others in the conversation.  
  • Networking experience for a national organisation. Including public speaking, relationship management and volunteer management.
  • The opportunity to share your existing or develop new skills in a friendly and supportive environment.
  • Support from your Fundraising Manager to help you secure and deliver speaking and engagement opportunities.
  • Regular meeting to discuss how your volunteering is going and what other opportunities and training may be available to you.    
  • Being part of a wide network of staff, volunteers and supporters all working together to end homelessness.
  • A reference for volunteering at a national organisation
  • Proactively source opportunities to deliver presentations and engage your local community.
  • Represent Crisis in your community, including running information sessions to share our broader activities such as campaigns and fundraising activities.
  • Build networks with and encourage local businesses, organisations and groups to volunteer or fundraise in aid of Crisis.
  • Be the person other Community Engagement volunteers ‘go-to’ for support. Building a strong relationship and supporting new volunteers to help them grow and flourish.
  • Keep up to date with Crisis’ key messages, resources, fundraising initiatives and news.
  • Provide feedback on activity and share insights with your Fundraising Manager about further opportunities for fundraising or working with partnerships in your community. 

We expect volunteers to comply with Crisis policies including health and safety, data protection and code of conduct at all times.

  • Travel and lunch expenses are reimbursed where appropriate
  • We strive to ensure that our services are welcoming, remain relevant and are fully accessible to everyone that we help and support. We are particularly welcoming of volunteers from diverse and other marginalised communities, as this helps us ensure the best experience for those that we are here to help.  People who have lived experience of homelessness are also particularly welcome to apply.