Year Round Events Volunteer

Location: Coventry

When: Various - Monday - Friday between 9 am - 5pm

Role reports to: Events Coordinator

You will contribute to ending homelessness by

Supporting members to build confidence, explore new places and activities and celebrate their achievements in a social setting. You will do this by providing a welcoming face at events such as Wellbeing or Welcome events, trips or other gatherings.  You will signpost and help with wayfinding, to help everyone have a good experience.  You will help to organise, set up or pack down activities, equipment or furniture, you may serve refreshments, welcome members and help them to access an activity. 

You may help members to give feedback on our events and help them put their ideas forward for the future.


  • An understanding of our members’ and supporters’ motivations in attending events
  • Ability to follow instructions and take the initiative where required 
  • Flexibility in terms of the tasks you are asked to undertake at the event 
  • Friendly and confident in talking to a range of people 
  • Good timekeeping and reliability 
  • Non-judgmental, patient, and friendly 
  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality and maintaining boundaries 
  • Be positive, productive and have a passion to help end homelessness  
  • Event experience in a national organisation 
  • Experience of helping to ending homelessness  in your area 
  • The chance to share existing or develop new skills in a friendly and supportive environment 
  • Opportunities to work with staff and fellow volunteers during the year and an invite to our volunteer recognition celebrations 
  • Regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss how your volunteering is going and what other opportunities and training may be available to you together with an induction 
  • A platform for building confidence  
  • A reference from a reputable organisation    
  • Helping create, organise, and set up resources and equipment
  • Ad hoc administration of events such as calling guests to invite them to events 
  • Assisting with tasks such as registration of guests, offering information, hospitality and supporting activities that are taking place 
  • Signposting and way finding
  • Helping to set up and pack down stands and other promotional materials before the event has started and after the event has finished  
  • Attend any briefings from staff about what the events will entail 
  • Publicise the work of Crisis at the event by talking to people and distributing promotional material 
  • Provide information and help to any members who may attend the event 
  • Be available for the duration of the event  

We expect volunteers to comply with Crisis policies including health and safety, data protection and code of conduct. 

  • Travel and lunch expenses are reimbursed where appropriate
  • We strive to ensure that our services are welcoming, remain relevant and are fully accessible to everyone that we help and support. We are particularly welcoming of volunteers from diverse and other marginalised communities, as this helps us ensure the best experience for those that we are here to help.  People who have lived experience of homelessness are also particularly welcome to apply.
  • All events take place during Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • You would be placed in a bank of volunteers and be asked to volunteer on an adhoc basis according to your availability 
  • We welcome all applicants, including students, corporate volunteers pr other small groups