#HealthNow Project Team Volunteer

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

When: Initially, Tuesday afternoons at 3pm

Role reports to: Volunteer Coordinator

You will contribute to ending homelessness by

Supporting the work of the #HealthNow project by giving us your views, sharing your experience and helping us on specific areas of consultation around health issues.  This will generally include being part of a group of similar individuals all with lived experience of homelessness.  You will usually meet with other volunteers on-line or as we move forward through lockdown, face to face.  Your feedback will help us to shape the work that we do about improving healthcare and health outcomes for people experiencing homelessness across Newcastle.  You will help us by designing the work of the project alongside our paid staff.  We call this co-production.  There are meetings on-line with other volunteers usually once a week on a Tuesday, but you will also be invited to take part in other discussions and information sessions.  You will not be expected to come to every session and your participation will be discussed between you and the local #HealthNow Coordinator.  

·         People with lived experience of being homeless 

·         People with an interest in learning new things and finding out about people’s experiences with health services

·         People who would like to be part of a team and work on a project with a start and end date

·         People who want to improve the lives of other people


Through our development you will learn about health services, health systems and how you can impact on the wider health and homelessness agenda.  You will learn how to influence a project specifically to remove barriers to healthcare for people experiencing homelessness and take part in helping the #HealthNow team to design things like training and research.  You will also gain confidence around social interactions with other people.

We will also provide a reference relating to your involvement for any future volunteer/job opportunities.  You will get regular support and feedback and if you enjoy taking part, there are other opportunities to volunteer with the #HealthNow project.  carry out further pieces of research.  


·         Attending regular project group meetings with other people with lived experience

·         Help make and drive decisions and thinking about the #HealthNow project and helping to design our #HealthNow action plan 

·         Monitor the work of the project throughout its lifetime and helping with evaluation

·         Work with the #HealthNow team nationally to inform our work through national Groundswell Peer Volunteer meetings

·         Help to promote the project externally with the support of the #HealthNow team

·         Work with other people who have lived experience in an inclusive way 


To help you to take part we'll provide out of pocket expenses, including travel, food and where necessary, help if you need equipment and credit so that you can take part on line.

We expect you to work within our guidelines and show respect to each other as fellow volunteers.

We will support your learning and think help you think about other volunteering opportunities.